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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today is A Better Day

Yesterday was a Not-So-Good Day.  You know that if you read what I wrote then.  Today is Better.  Not A Great Day, but A Better Day.

We didn't make it church this morning, and we really should have gone.  I know I could have used it, and my little heathen children need all of the religion they can get!  But my husband J obviously wasn't feeling well since he slept until 11:30 am -- and since he Never Ever does that, I knew something wasn't right with him.  Plus, I had (and still have) a headache and my stomach isn't real happy either.  Yes, they are probably both stress related, but I can't do much about that.

Today is still A Better Day.  My boys wanted pancakes for breakfast.  Well, I wasn't really feeling up to it and put them off.  Z came back at lunch time wanting them, and that started me thinking.  He's been asking for them for two or three weekends now.  They aren't really THAT hard to make since we have that wonderful helper Bisquick.  And I really needed to do something for THEM.  So I made pancakes.  With chocolate chips in them just the way my boys love them.

Their smiles made everything worth it.
They didn't notice the ones that browned a little quicker than I thought they would.
They didn't notice that they weren't perfectly shaped.
They didn't see anything wrong.

All they saw was Mommy fixed something for them that they really liked.  And I think Z (at almost 8 years old) realized I did this just for him and his brother, which is a really grown-up observation for him to make.  See, I can't eat pancakes anymore.  I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with him and again with his brother, and my system just can't handle syrup anymore.  It throws my body into some weird tailspin.  Irrelevant information.

Z ate 6 pancakes.  By himself.  Even J only ate 3.  M only ate 2, but he just turned 5, so I don't expect much there.  But the smiles......they were pretty wonderful.  And to hear them say Thank you was fantastic.  But when Z smiled at me, and said, "Thank you, Mom, for making these.  I really like the way you made them for me," it almost broke my heart, and healed it up again.

Today is A Better Day.  My kids are happy, and I know they love me.  That's really all that matters right now.

Thank you, Z, for making my world all better.

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Anonymous said...

Kids really do make everything better don't they? :)