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Blonde Moments by H

My step-daughter is a lovely girl.  She was born in 1999.  At now 12, she is 3 inches taller than I am, so she is clearly going to take after her father.  She is smart and funny just like him.  She's got an easy-going temperment, just like him.  She really is incredible.  I think her being so soft-spoken and sweet is that much more of a surprise because the boys are so ...... NOT.  They are rowdy and rambunctious, which makes her look even more lady-like.

But as much as I love her (and I do), she has some blonde moments to rival mine!  For instance:

1.  On vacation, our hotel had adjoining rooms.  She said, "Oh, look these two rooms collided!" (07-02-2011)

2.  Again on vacation, "Thanks, Dad, for cooking coffee this morning." (07-03-2011)

3.  "I have to show Dad my honor rolls so I can prove to him I'm NOT blonde!"  Honey, being blonde has nothing to do with how smart you are.  You are VERY smart.  But you're also blonde! (08-2011)

4.  The elevator in my office building has a panel that is operated by body heat, so you can't select a floor with a pen or other object.  You must touch the buttons with your flesh.  H's version?  It is "touchscreen!" (08-2011)

5.  She told her dad and me that she had a pet turtle once.  But "it quickly ran away."

6.  On taking her home and trying to get directions from H.  "There is a shortcut you can go, but you can't go that way now."  (08-13-2011)

7.  On telling us about a school field trip to her local Highway Patrol Station:  They had a fake van setup for safety belt demonstrations.
     H:  "They put two dummies in it."
     Me:  "Oh, you mean they put in you and A [her best friend]?"
     H:  "A [my best friend] is NOT a dummy!!!"
     Me:  (shaking my head and laughing)

8.  On cleaning the pool at our friend's house:
     H:  "I just saved my 5th frog. . . .. but he was dead."

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