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Outrageous Quotes by M

This page is dedicated to my youngest boy M.  He was born early in 2007, so you can figure out his age.  If I post his age and forget to update it (which is likely), y'all will think he is perpetually 4.  Wonderful age, but there are days when even I wonder if he'll see 5.  :-)  He is clearly a boy.  Part demon.  Part Monkey.  ALL Boy.  He is very loving - he still give me hugs and kisses at 4 IN PUBLIC!!!

These are some of the things my youngest does.  You are about to understand why his nickname is "Goofy."  I will update this periodically, but these are the things he has said that stick out most in my mind.

1.  "But, Mommy, I can't help clean up my room because my thighs are sleepy." (age 3)

2.  "If you don't let me go potty RIGHT NOW, I'm gonna FREEZE to Death!"  (age 4)

3.  "No, I can't sing you a song.  Singing makes me heavy."  (age 4-1/2)

4.  "I was going to wait and wait and wait, but that's taking too long so I want to go in now."  (08/10/2011)

5.  "Hey, Mom, do you want to smell my armpit?"  Uh.....No, son.  (10/09/2011)

6.  "No, Z, Don't Tell!!!!  Here, you can hit me in my head!"  (10/23/2011 when he thought he would get in trouble if big brother told on him)

7.  Me:  "M, when are you going to learn to wipe yourself when you go to the bathroom?"
     M:  "Um......Um......When I'm 18)  (10/24/2011 - and it will NOT take that long!)

8.  J (his dad) at dinner last night:  "I'm thinking of taking all of the televisions out of the house."
     M:  "You're going to make us watch TV OUT THERE?!???!!"  (07/23/2012)

9.  I'm only 6 and I have Man Fur on my back.  And my brother doesn't yet, and he's 9.  That's cool, right?! (02/24/2013)

Conversations that make me say, "WHAT?"
1.  (02/20/2012)
M. Mac & Cheese!!!  I LOVE that stuff!  I've never had that before!
Me Thinking to Myself:  Well, which is it kid?  Lol.

2.  (02/22/2012)
M.  was swing a toy flashlight he pretends is a nunchuck and it dropped on the floor.
M:  Mommy, did I break my neck?
Me:  No, darling, you didn't break your neck.
M:  Well, did I twist my ankle?
Me:  No, darling, you didn't twist your ankle.
M:  Well, I felt something in my ankle twist.
Me:  Do you even know where your ankle is?
M: Noooo. . . .
Me:  It's right here (I grab his ankle)
M:  Well, my ankles are in my neck.
Me  Thinking to Myself:  Kid, you are something else!

3.  (02/22/2012 - Yes, 2 in one night.)
Me:  Get back to the table and eat your supper!  Don't pet the dog while you're eating!  That's just gross!  You don't know what he's been doing!  He's been rolling in the mud!
. . . . . . 5 Minutes Later. . . .
Me:  M, I told you not to pet the dog while you're eating!  STOP THAT!
M:  I'm not petting him, Mommy.  I'm trying to get him to lick me!
Me Thinking to Myself:  YUCK!   I think he missed the point.

4.  (05/30/2012)  When I came to pick him up from daycare, he met me at the gate
M:  Mom, I don't want you to talk to Mrs. T (his teacher).  Or Miss M (teacher's aide).  Or Miss A. (another aide).
Me:  Really?  Why not?  
M (looking sincere and sweet):  Because I love you.
I actually managed to NOT laugh.  Barely.

5.  (12/21/2012)  When my husband turned off the porch light while the boys were waiting on the schoolbus.
M:  Uh-oh!
Z:  What?
M:  That light was on and it went off.......You Broke It!

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