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Just Z

Z is my oldest boy (2004).  And he is something else.  Smart as a whip!  Sweet, loving, tender-hearted (almost too much so).....and all boy.  Rowdy, rambunctious, smart-mouthed, AT-TI-TUDE (which I'm told only gets worse), but my sweet boy all the same.  Easy-going (except when his baby brother annoys him - all the time if you believe Z), well-mannered, a real gentleman-in-training.  I am very proud of him.  But occasionally.....

1.  First day of school of First Grade.  An adjustment obviously, and we had changed his school.  He had gone from a class of 6, to a class of 26.  My sweet, easy-going, polite boy....changed.  His teacher called me AT LUNCH.  He had gone from green to yellow to orange to RED.  On.  The.  First.  Day.  To say his discipline sheet for first grade was "colorful" is a polite understatement.  We had LOTS of yellows and oranges, but luckily only a few reds, and NO blues.  Whew!  We have high hopes for 2nd Grade.

2.  He waited til Day 2 of Second Grade to get into trouble.  Orange though, not red.  High hopes are still in place (though maybe not quite so high.)

3.  Z just came running into the kitchen, bleeding from the mouth, yet grinning from ear to ear.  "Guess what M did, Mom! He bounced on my face and knocked out my tooth!"  Fortunately, it was already loose, but....."bounced on [his] face?"  Seriously????  (10/23/2011)

4.  Z is learning about measurements in school -- you know, using a paper clip for "inch," a ruler for "foot," etc.  He and M saw a jet's vapor trail and started yelling "ROCKET SHIP!!!"  I explained, No, it was from a Navy plane like they see on TV that flies really, really fast.  Z asked how high it was.  Me, not wanting to be an idiot in front of my son, said, "Oh, 30, 40, 50 Thousand feet."  His response?  "WOW!   That's A LOT of RULERS!!!"  Priceless!

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