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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Moments from M

M:  What's for supper?
Me: Macaroni & Cheese!
M. Mac & Cheese!!!  I LOVE that stuff!  I've never had that before!
Me Thinking to Myself:  Well, which is it kid?  Lol.

M.  was swing a toy flashlight he pretends is a nunchuck and it dropped on the floor.
M:  Mommy, did I break my neck?
Me:  No, darling, you didn't break your neck.
M:  Well, did I twist my ankle?
Me:  No, darling, you didn't twist your ankle.
M:  Well, I felt something in my ankle twist.
Me:  Do you even know where your ankle is?
M: Noooo. . . .
Me:  It's right here (I grab his ankle)
M:  Well, my ankles are in my neck.
Me  Thinking to Myself:  Kid, you are something else!

Me:  Get back to the table and eat your supper!  Don't pet the dog while you're eating!  That's just gross!  You don't know what he's been doing!  He's been rolling in the mud!
. . . . . . 5 Minutes Later. . . .
Me:  M, I told you not to pet the dog while you're eating!  STOP THAT!
M:  I'm not petting him, Mommy.  I'm trying to get him to lick me!
Me Thinking to Myself:  YUCK!   I think he missed the point.


tricia said...

Oh, Kids. They really a hoot. I ran a very similar post this morning- I think there could be entire blogs dedicated to the incredibly funny things that they say- It's one of the joys of being a parent. I just love this part of parenthood. :)

Angel said...

Yes, Tricia, I NEVER know what M is going to say. He is so imaginative! He definitely keeps me on my toes. Part of why I'm putting all of these in my blog is (to share with all of you, of course) so that I will remember these things when he's grown. Remember smiles and laughter.

tori nelson said...

Haha. Love the "I love that stuff/ I've never had it before" thing. My kid is a flip-flopper, too :)