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Saturday, October 15, 2011

As a Strong Woman.......

We Women feel the need to be strong.  We have to be.  There is so much we must do, so much we are for which we are held responsible (by ourselves if no one else does), so little time for all we need to get done.  Sometimes it's too much.  Sometimes we would like to be weak, just for a moment....we want to give in to the pressure and collapse, just for a moment.......but then who would pick up our load and carry on?

So we're strong.  We do what must be done.  In some ways -- emotional ways, mental ways -- we can be as strong as men, stronger than some, because we must be.  Our loads force us to be.  We wake up in the morning; we do this here, and we go there, we take care of this, and we handle that, and finally we will go to sleep and dream of things yet to be done.  Like the old adage, "A woman's work is never done."  And it is true.  Whether you or young or not so young, a working woman or housewife, working mother or stay-at-home-mommy, whether your children are infants, toddlers, school-aged, teenagers, or grown and gone, the chores are endless.

The chores are endless.......and so is the worry about what has to be done, the stress of deciding how those chores will get done, the feelings of inadequacy when they don't get done.  A vicious cycle we women suffer every day.  Most days, however, we're fine.  This is our life and we are content with it; Happy even.  But occasionally......

To me, and to most women I believe, if someone takes to time to actually "see" us, and realize we're NOT okay, the support for that moment is overwhelming.....and it can give us the strength to go on, to continue doing what must be done.  It repletes what we have exhausted, the one resource we need above almost all others.

So the next time you see a woman working seemingly tirelessly, non-stop, whether she is getting a lot accomplished or appearing to go nowhere, stop and LOOK at her, "see" her, and if she needs a hug, give her one.  Sometimes a hug can do wonders.  An acknowledgement of how much she has accomplished can lift flagging spirits.  Words of appreciation and thanks spoken from the heart of a loved one can bring joy.  All three can work miracles.

Know that your women (daughter, wife, mother, friend) is STRONG.  She deals with things every day that you know nothing about.  She probably has scars she doesn't want to burden you with when they hurt her.  Believe in her.  Support her.  And when she feels weak, hold her.  Love her.  Let her be weak for a moment.  Tell her that it's Okay to let go.You will see a stronger woman emerge from your embrace.  And a greater bond will have developed between the two of you for sharing that moment.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely and true. Isn't funny that women were often called "the weaker sex" and yet we keep going, even when we don't feel up to it. I would call that strong. But once in a while it is definitely good to be able to be supported by somebody else.

Anonymous said...

Wow...very well put. I , was forced to be a strong woman by walking in after 37 years of a GREAT MARRIAGE, and found my best friend dead at his desk!
That day I lost my job. No long was I a wife, nor a pastor's wife. Who was I ! I caustiously approached my new idenity with much apprehension . Never pumped gas, nor cut my own toe nails... A dependent in every aspect of my precious pampered world of " wife"!
So I wrote a book... How to be a whole person , when your better half is gone !
I found a STRONG WOMAN hidden deep inside my pampered world, and I emerged with a vengeance !
I suddenly knew " I can do all things thru Christ with strengthens me "
Still aspiring to reach my goal of what I expect out of myself , but I'm a survivor , and I quit having pity parties... Realizing I was only person to show up , and I hate to party alone !
Yes I am woman. Watch and hear me ROAR !

shitdoesstink said...

This is so true. So often women are overwhelmed and just keep on being strong and keep that smile plastered on and just keep keeping on. We are so strong but that hug we never get can weigh on us as much as the stress we are fighting.

I love this post.

Angel said...

Thank you ladies. Your words really touched me. You understood exactly what I was saying. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Justlittlecajunme said...

I jumped to this post from Bouncing Barb! Wow the first post I read is so powerful!

Jennifer said...

Amazing post! It makes me glad I am able to thank my mother for all that she has done, and hopeful that my husband and children will see all I do! We women are by no means 'the weaker sex'. In fact, we hold the world on our shoulders most days, and in our womb the others.

Desi said...

I really enjoyed reading this. There is so much truth in our need to keep it together at the same time we need comfort and support. Great post!

Leah @ Beyer Beware said...

I just came across your blog on board over at Scary Mommy. What a great post! I have been in counseling for a few months because I feel like people don't see me, therefore I must be screwed up. There is comfort in numbers! Thanks for sharing.